Who Are We?

Welcome to my store Mayra Munoz beauty blog and boutique

I love all things beauty, I feel is a powerful tool to improve confidence, I'm form El Salvador and graduated from cosmetology school here in the USA at 19 and ever since I have always loved being in the beauty industry specially makeup

At 19 I was struggling with low self-esteem and makeup help me fall in love with the woman in the mirror, so ever since then I have been helping women discover their beauty with my blogs, social media, my beauty brand Dolly Mix and my boutique

I launched my brand on 2017 after years of research and it makes me so happy every time I read your amazing reviews, my site is going through some changes, I added clothing and you guys are so amazing, it has truly taken off, unfortunately I don't have much storage and we are moving in August so I'm doing a major sale on all the clothing and accessories so I don't have to be moving them since they are so bulky

But follow me on my social media @mayramunozworld so you can experience with me this crazy and amazing journey filled with surprises ❤️